Navara Yoga in Constanta

Navara Yoga in Constanta is part of Navara School.

Here you can learn Navara, Yoga, Tantra, Hinduism, Buddhism, mystical Christianity and many other spiritual paths.



  • SHANITA NAVARA - this is the Preliminary Course in Navara, very complex, for people wishing to prepare themselves to enter the higher courses specific to Navara. They will study systematically all the main religions and mystical schools (Yoga, Tantra, Buddhism, Christianity, etc.) and will be gradually introduced to Navara. At the end of this course, the serious disciples can be accepted to enter Navara School and to study Navanita Navara. 
  • NAVANITA NAVARA – this is the Basic Course in Navara, the advanced mystic, taught for serious disciples who want to progress faster to the highest levels of spirituality, to attain Enlightenment and Liberation. This course is definitely superior to classical Yoga-Tantra or Tibetan Buddhism. 
  • HATHA YOGA - this course is for those wishing to have a good health and to heal different diseases. You will learn asanas (body poses), mudras (gestures), bandhas (muscular contractions), pranayamas (breathing exercises), shat-karmas (purificatory exercises), etc. 
  • CLASSICAL INTEGRAL YOGA - this course is comprising Patanjali Yoga, Raja Yoga (Yoga of Meditation), Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion), Jnana Yoga (Yoga of Knowledge), Karma Yoga (Yoga of Action), Mantra Yoga (Yoga of Sacred Words). 
  • KRIYA YOGA OF MAHAVATAR BABAJI - You can learn integral Kriya Yoga in Constanta in the lineage of Babaji. This special powerfull yoga was revealed by Mahavatar Babaji and is now taught by Navara School to sincere devotes. In Navara School you will learn Kriya Yoga from different lineages (the lineage directly from Babaji, the lineage of Yogananda, the lineage of the family of Lahiri Mahasaya, etc.). 
  • KUNDALINI YOGA - this is an advanced form of yoga, using Kundalini Shakti (the dormant inner spiritual energy that is laying at the base of the backbone) and during the initiate practice it is arrised up to the crown of the head in Sahasrara Chakra, to attain Enlightenment and Liberation. This practice is part of Dakshina Tantra (Ascetic Tantra). You can learn integral Kundalini Yoga in Constanta.
  • INTEGRAL TANTRA - this is the superior Yoga from Maha Siddha Yoga lineages. It comprises both Dakshina Tantra (ascetical Tantra), with the main practice of Kundalini Yoga, and both Vama Tantra (Non-Ascetical Tantra). An advanced form comprising both Dakshina and Vama is Kaula Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism.  You can learn Integral Tantra in Constanta, including Dakshina, Vama and Kaula.
The authorized Navara instructor for Constanta and Dobrogea is Atmananda.

For more information on Navara classes with the Navara group in Constanta please contact: