What Navara Does Not Accept

  • Navara does NOT ACCEPT people that are oriented against God, that are practicing black magic, that are worshiping or serving evil, that have no mercy or love for others, that want to control and restrain the liberty and the rights of the innocent people through mind control, energy control, physical control, technology, force. Such people are of evil nature and are fundamentally different from God and thus are different from Navara.
  • Navara does not accept religious fanaticism, religious intolerance, and religious fundamentalism.
  • Navara does not accept discrimination based on religion, race, gender or of social category.
  • It is not considered discrimination or religious discrimination when Navara refuses persons or groups that are oriented towards evil, because such persons or groups have no religious life, but have anti-religious life.
  • Navara does not accept any kind of drugs.     


Why Practice Navara?

What Are the Advantages of Navara?