What led me Here

My name is Jaime, and it is an honor to write these words about my personal journey, andhow I came to the Navara School.

I am truly blessed to have come across such Pure Souls whobring nothing but Truth and Love. Those souls, being Shri Guru Navara, Shri Navari, and ShriRamita, the Ones who bring us the Sacred Teachings of Navara.

Before Navara I was living a life of struggles, and constantly wondering what direction Iwas heading. I was living very unhealthy, with bad eating habits, drinking alcohol, smoking, notknowing how to love others, nor myself.

This unbalanced way of living, if you can call it that,finally came to a breaking point, I became severely sick. Symptom after symptom appeared. The firstwas loss of vision, then migraines, vertigo, painful legs, and a whole lot of daily pain that neverseemed to subside. After months of testing and doctor’s appointments, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Needless to say, my life came to a screeching halt. I couldn’t work, relationships fell apart, and I started taking medications that made me feel even worse than Ialready felt.

I was always happy before all this, but slowly, life began to spiral out of control, and Iwas at a place of despair. I felt alone and unable to cope…it was in this hopelessness, that the thought of ending it all came to me.

This, to me, was rock bottom. I couldn’t believe that I was having these kinds of morbid thoughts. This scared me…and I believe this is when God shoneHis Grace and Light upon me.

The path that led me to Navara was not very direct, but lookingback, I can see how everything happened to bring me here, into the Loving arms of my Blessed Guru’s. I can now look at this disease as the blessing that brought me to the teacher that helpsset me free. In truth it’s the only thing I have ever wanted.

A friend of mine gave me a business card of a naturopathic doctor when I first became ill,it sat in my wallet, until I finally had enough of the western medical approach to mysickness…drugs, drugs, and more toxic drugs! So I called the Naturopathic Doctor, and after only six months in her care, I was off all medication and feeling much better.

Symptoms began tosubside as easy as they appeared. But there was still a void. I still didn’t feel like I had direction.

Her office manager would talk to me when I came for appointments, we got along well, and Icame to enjoy our chats, feeling some sort of brotherly connection with him. By this point I wasoff work on long term sick leave, so I dedicated my time to seeking alternative ways of healing.

Istumbled upon teachings of Yoga, and online videos of Swami Rama discussing the Yoga Sutrasof Patanjali. He spoke of them so elegantly and with such high regard. As I watched thesevideos, I started to cry as I heard such truthful things being said, simple but profound, touchingthe depth of my soul.

Life went from being one big unhealthy party, to being a search for a healthy way of living and guidance to understanding the soul.

I started to feel like it was truth Iwas seeking all along, which just happened to be the cure for any illness anyways!

One Saturday morning I was in the waiting room at the naturopathic clinic. I oddly hadnowhere else to be that day and I just happened to be dressed in jogging clothes (by the way, Idon’t jog!)

The office manager, who seemed to always emit a positive and caring vibe, said to me,as if knowing my day was clear “why don’t you come to a yoga class with me?”

Normally I wouldnever do anything like this, but something inside me was urging me to go, so I did!

And here I am5 years later, writing this letter to you, rarely missing a class.

Thank you, with all my heart, Dan(the office manager with a warm smile)!!


From the moment I walked into the Navara Class, I knew I would never leave! I stoppedfeeling this urge to heal a sickness, and started feeling an urge to know the spirit.

I never evenknew there was a Guru behind these classes at first, but I knew there was truth in the depth ofthe practices. I felt so alive after our meditations and other practices.

Being part of a group thatshared and cared for each other was amazing, and knowing that their goal was to betterthemselves and not judge each other was so beautiful and refreshing to see in these stressfultimes.

I had no doubt that this is where I needed to be. Sickness and despair became a thing of the past. I was filled with such drive and vigor, still am by the way!

At this point I still neveractually met the ones who were soon to become my Beloved Gurus, but in my heart I knew Iwould never leave Their ethereal sides.

Later that year I was lucky enough to finally meet myGurus at the annual Navara Retreat in Romania. What a beautiful country. The first day there I
was bursting with energy, I was crying and releasing so much, I felt cleaner from just making theefforts to seek truth.

The first day of the retreat, before our Gurus came, I felt a wave of energy sostrong and powerful, something I have never felt before, but at the same time it was comfortingand known. I felt this way for about 20 minutes, then the door opened, there was a hush acrossthe room…as I saw These Divine figures standing there in front of me, I was filled with tears of
pure joy and Love!


The search is over, and now the true work begins.

I now know that everything I have gone through, everything I have done in life was inpreparation for this next stage of life. I know with every fibre of my being, that I was meant tolearn the teachings of Navara.

With the guidance and Grace of Shri Guru Navara, Shri Navari, and
Shri Ramita, my life is now dedicated to reaching higher states of consciousness, whilemaintaining balance in both the material and spiritual worlds.

I Thank God every day for giving me the lessons I have been given, and the awareness to see the truth that shines from Shri Guru Navara, Shri Navari, and Shri Ramita.

May each and everyone be as Blessed as I feel, to find a teacher, a true Guru and Divine Messenger that will shineTheir Light on all the darkness, which keeps them from seeing the Light of God, and the Unitywith all Beings.

May God Bless Sri Guru Navara, Sri Navari, and Sri Ramita on Their mission to bring Authentic Teachings, Pure Divine Light and Eternal Love, to those most in need!


Jaime from Milton