What is the purpose of my life

What is the purpose of my life? Who is God? How can I actually enter in a relationship with God? What exactly do I have to do to reach God? These questions were all answered for me when I began my journey on the Navara path.

The problem is that we are inundated with a massive amount of information but this information, spiritual information especially, is the product of opinions of people who are not enlightened or have not experienced the Truth. As such, who can we trust? What path should we follow? Which religion is right? These questions lead to countless others and I couldn’t find peace.

I knew I wanted to delve deeper into meditation but I didn’t know if what I was doing was “right” or the “best”. I found this doubt plaguing me since there was no consistency in my practice while I flopped from one “technique” to another. So I prayed for a teacher who could show me the way and ensure that the time I spent in meditation was the most effective and most importantly done correctly.

My prayers were answered when I found the Navara School: a path that accepts all followers of God because there is one God and one Truth. The Navara School is unique in that our Guru is truly an enlightened being who has unified with God. My Guru has answered every question I’ve ever had and has shown me little by little the truth in the words he speaks and through the practices he has set for us.What better teacher can one ask for?

One who has achieved the goal that we aspire to and has walked the path we now walk. The techniques that we are taught come from many lineages: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism…. They all contain the truth because they all come from God.

What I love about the Navara path is that it’s experiential. No one will tell you what you will discover because your path to God is as unique as you are. The teachings and techniques will help you discover the Truth yourself as you gain control of your senses, your mind, your focus and your devotion.

As you progress, these aspects are further developed and new ones added. All our lives we are taught about nutrition and health. Imagine that you now have the world’s best Olympic sprint coach giving you the nutrition and exercise regimen necessary for your spirit to reach the goal of God in the fastest most efficient way.

This is what Navara is, and has been for me: a rapid and incredible transformation of body and spirit.

I was addicted to smoking and drugs and the Navara path helped me get rid of these parasites for years when I was battling them without success prior to joining.

It has also helped me learn to control my mind, my emotions, focus my energies efficiently and have a better understanding of my relationship to God and how best to navigate this world in order to be aligned with God and my purpose.

All these disciplines not only have impacted my spiritual life but my family life, my professional life and all my interactions.

The result: happiness and fulfillment that only God can give. I no longer have doubts or questions, my experiences here have proven to me time and time again that dedication to this path will bring me ever closer to God.

But don’t let me tell you, find out for yourself. That’s the challenge I give you. If you take this challenge, one thing is sure, Navara will change your life forever as you discover who you are, what you are, how to reach God and challenge every notion you thought you knew.


Thomas from Toronto