What is Navara

  • Navara School, founded by Guru Navara in 1991, is the path of Enlightenment.
  • It is the most simple, direct and efficient way to experience unity with God.
  • It is not a religion but a direct mystical.
  • It is free from religious dogmatism, intolerance or fanaticism. Instead it is simple, natural and full of compassion, love and harmony.
  • The Navara School was founded by Guru Navara after his Enlightenment in 1991, when, during a mystical meditation his  consciousness departed from the physical body and experienced the unity with God, while the physical body was in clinical death, breathless and pulseless, for hours.
  • In Navara School is taught the pure mystical path as revealed by Guru Navara.
  • Also there are taught the most important and efficient teachings from the other traditional mystical paths and religions (Christianity, Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc)
  • The teachings are taught in levels.