What are the Advantages of Navara?

  • Navara is not a religion, nor a rigid dogma but the direct experience of God.
  • To experience God, you will follow the most simple, essential and direct path
  • On this sacred path you are taught to live in harmony with the Spirit and the Nature.
  • Being revealed directly by God, Navara has the highest efficiency.
  • Previous spiritual experience is not necessary, only sincere devotion.
  • Navara is learned directly from an Enlightened Master, therefore eliminating the possibility of errors. You will experience the spirituality in a guided and safe way.
  • The Teachers in the Navara School are ordained by God to be both religious priests and spiritual mystical teachers. They are very highly ranked in ordainment. They are teaching and performing both the religious sacraments and also they are teaching the mystical union with God, at the highest level, by giving initiations, teachings and spiritual guidance.
  • Therefore, the Navara Teachers are of higher lever than the common religious priests or the mystical teachers (acharyas, swamis, etc.), being able to help the devotees not only in religion (by sacraments), not even only in the common mysticism (like classical Yoga, common Buddhism), but also in the higher mysticism (Tantra Yoga, Vajrayana Tantric Buddhism, etc.). More than that, they can teach Navara.
  • Navara goes beyond the Enlightenment of Nirvikalpa Samadhi (the goal of classical Yoga), by revealing the highest Being of God, Navara, that is revealed by God only to His most close devotees, those who are truly united with Him.
  • You not only need NOT to be a monk in order to receive the highest teachings and initiations that in other schools are taught only to monks (swamis, etc.), but you are strongly adviced to live in the middle of society, in a couple relationship, in the most natural way.
  • Navara sustains and promotes the life in society, the family. 
  • We promote the education, culture, arts, science, etc. We always prefer a higher education than a poor one. But we sustain a real and profound education, not a decayed and false one. 
  • In Navara you may freely sing, play music, dance, paint, play theatre, etc., as you wish. There are no such restrictions.
  • You may dress yourself with those clothes you wish, you may make up, you may have you hair as you wish, etc. There are no such restrictions. 
  • Navara do not discriminate people for their gender, race, language, nationality, level in society, social position, religion, sexuality, etc.
  • You have the right to decide about contraceptive, abortion, etc.
  • The couple relationships are personal matters and you have all the rights on your personal life. No social rigid rules or religious dogmatic pressure must limit the personal choice, while we do not harm others. 
  • The women have the same rights as the men.
  • The men and women have equally the same right for priesthood. They have the same right to teach spirituality, religion and mysticism, to be priests and mystical teachers at all the levels. 
  • We ordain equally both women and men at all the levels of priesthood, bot in Navara and in the actual religious traditions (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.). For example, we ordain equally men and women as Christian deacons, priests and bishops.
  • In Navara, outside of the specific teachings of Navara, are included also all the teachings of the main religions and important mystical schools (yoga, etc.), with all initiations and authorizations, therefore, by practicing in Navara you have also all other religions and schools at your hand, without the necessity to go to them outside of Navara.
  • In Navara you will find also, at the expected level, the specific deity you are worshipping in your religion: the Christians will find Jesus Christ as the Son of God; the Hindus will find Krishna or Vishnu or Shiva; the Buddhists will find Buddha; the Muslims will find Allah; etc. All that is true and holy is found and respected in Navara, because Navara is the Great Divine Family, containing all that is comprised in God and in His Kingdom. You will see that in Navara all religions are in a divine harmony, while outside of Navara they can be often found in a sad disharmony and incompatibility and their devotees are often at war. For this reason you can understand that Navara is a higher Heavenly Kingdom, where the divine peace, love and unity is found indeed, because Navara is God Himself and His true Kingdom. The current religions are denying and fighting each other, but Navara is not only not denying them, but instead is considering them all as natural parts of Navara. Here you can see that Navara is of a much higher level of spirituality, understanding and love than any of the present religions. But this is normal. It’s like a parent related to his small children. Now, by learning Navara you are learning the root teaching from the Parent, not those of different children that are at different levels of limited knowledge, while the Parent of all has always the ultimate knowledge in the purest and unchanged form. Choosing one specific child you will not have all the children, but choosing the Father you will have also all the children.
  • You can learn the specific teachings of Navara, extremely precious, that are not taught by any other school.


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