The Path of Navara Yoga

Jagardi Muni,  Atyanta Acharya, M.D., D.M.D.

The word “Yoga” means “union.”

It is the way to re-unite with the Divine – the source of all that is good, the source of our own being the source of all life.

It means coming back to what we truly are – it means re-discovering ourselves, it means finding out that we are truly divine, that we are in truth immortal, that we are not limited by space, time, or any mental creations.

So we start on this path – sometime not knowing what lies ahead, but with hope, with curiosity sometimes, and with an eagerness of heart and mind that will push us swiftly toward our final goal.

“Every journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step,” says an ancient Chinese proverb. And every step matters, and every step builds the foundation on which we will later build our inner structure. If our first steps are steady, and if we tread firmly on the path of truth, we will reach our destination soon enough.

It is wise to choose a path that is firm, a path that is clear and straight, if we want our journey to be smooth and to take us where we want to go, and not lead us astray.

The path of Navara Yoga is a smooth and swift path, a path that will unquestionably lead us towards the highest goal of spiritual life: the communion with God in its purest form, in its very Essence. To tread on this path is to tread on the path of Truth; it means having our eyes open and seeing clearly every step we make. The path is extremely simple and does not require any supplementary “equipment” that would hinder our journey – it leads us surely and firmly toward the Divine present in each and every one of us.

And so, on this path, we reach out to you with open arms, and welcome you kindheartedly on your journey. We welcome anyone who is eager to discover the Pure Truth with his or her own eyes, regardless of any limitations of creed, religion, sex, or age. All who come to us with sincere hearts will be given a helping hand and everything they need in order to start their journey. And it will be you who will discover the beauty of the path – we will only show you the way, and guide you through every step you make.

Divine Blessings!