Please read the following testimonials about people who have found their way to the Navara School.



My Journey Begins

My journey begins with me learning about Reiki through a friend of mine who had looked at alternative therapies in search for helping himself through a sickness. As he spoke about it I was intrigued and decide to do a little research about it on the internet and youtube.

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Reflecting upon my Life Journey

Reflecting upon my life journey I realize how with each step an unseen Presence was always felt at my side leading me.

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For years I was searching

For years I was searching for some meaning in life. There had to be more to life than working, relationships and this consumer culture that we’ve created.

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What led me Here

My name is Jaime, and it is an honor to write these words about my personal journey, and how I came to the Navara School.

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Never before have I felt such perfect Love

Never before have I felt such perfect love as I felt from Shri Guru Navara, Shri Navari and Shri Ramita!

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What is the purpose of my life

What is the purpose of my life? Who is God? How can I actually enter in a relationship with God? What exactly do I have to do to reach God? These questions were all answered for me when I began my journey on the Navara path.

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I Found Something Deeper

It is difficult for me to remember myself before coming to the Navara School. My mind was full of confusion and misunderstanding, even though I did not feel as though I had a troubled mind at all.

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A Pivotal Moment in my Life

What to write…? what to write…? what can one write about, when experiencing something that can’t be written about but only experienced, is probably the best thing I could say to a friend…

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