Navara Church


   What is Navara Church

The Navara Mystical Church is an independent church, part of Navara School, dedicated to the spreading of the true teachings of Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God, for the benefice of the sincere devotees who are striving to learn the pure mystical Christianity, without the inconveniences of the actual decayed churches. Without the suffocating rigid dogmas and rituals of the “traditional”denominations, without the absence of the sacrality of the neoprotestant churches, without religious fundamentalism or fanaticism.

Lord Jesus Christ asked Master Navara to rebuilt again His original Church, according to the heavenly archetype, with the ancient heavenly name Navara Church or Navara Mystical Church of the Heavenly Father. It is an inner part of Navara School or The Mystical School of The Heavenly Father.

Navara Mystical Church is comprising both the religious Christianity and the mystical Christianity, with the main accent on the second one. All the true traditional teachings of Lord Jesus Christ are preserved, as well as the correct and beneficial teachings revealed by the saints during the centuries, but without the human errors and rigid dogmas added during the centuries, which are excluded. 



The founding of Navara Church

This pure Church of Lord Jesus Christ is founded by His Holiness Master Navara at the request of God the Heavenly Father and His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, during his mystical union with God in His Uncreated Light, state in which Master Navara was physically dead (without pulse and breathing) for hours. He ascended through the Heavens until he passed beyond the limit of the created world and, being without any material or celestial body, remained only in the pure spirit, he united with the unmanifested uncreated Light of God. He was asked by God to rebuild the true faith, teaching and path to God, to help the children of God to attain Salvation.

What practices are including into Navara Church 

It is including the original teachings of the Lord, the traditional 7 sacraments, the worship of St. Virgin Mary. It is including also the most important traditional teachings on the mysticism coming from the Christian tradition (like Hesychasm, Adoration of the Heart of Jesus, etc.).

Therefore Navara Church is including all the authentic teachings and practices of the traditional and modern churches, but it has special higher teachings and practices, the true original teachings from Lord Jesus Christ and His Father, not to be found in any actual church. These are the heavenly secret teachings of the Lord, preserved only for his pure children. These are “not to be given to the dogs”, to the decayed clergy of the actual decayed churches, who are selling themselves to the enemy of God. Instead these heavenly teachings for Salvation are offered to the humble and pure heart children of God who truly deserve to see God in Heavens by using His pure mystical teaching as they are used in Heavens by the highest rank angels and saints.

All these angels and saints are waiting to see Navara Church spreading all over the Earth to help the children of God to attain Salvation during these times of the end of time. The holy heavenly Navara is coming as the promise Holy Spirit and will help those sincere devotes of God to resist during the last apocalyptic years. They will receive an incredible spiritual power from Heaven, to become saints, to reconnect to God through the Holy Spirit, to live like our Lord Jesus Christ, to see God in Heaven during mystical trance, to unite with Him in the ultimate uncreated Heaven and to attain the true and unshakable Salvation.

Therefore, Navara Church is including all the correct traditional teachings but also distinct teachings, which are the true salvatory teachings from Lord Jesus Christ, some of which were unknown and some were known but excluded from His traditional churches by the fallen corrupted leaders of the churches, who were not true servants of God and of His Son.

Navara Church rebuilt the true church of Lord Jesus as it is in Heaven. But the core of its activity is the practice of the authentical pure teaching as taught by Lord Jesus Christ, especially in a mystical perspective, as it was revealed in the beginning. The goal is to help the people to know and practice the original Christian teaching, especially the Mysticism of the Ascension through the Heavens until the Union with God the Heavenly Father in His Uncreated Light and the Mysticism of the Resurrection into the immortal bodies in the Kingdom of God, teachings which were the core of the original teaching of Lord Jesus Christ and which sadly were almost completely excluded by the traditional and modern churches.


Navara Church activity:

The Temples of Navara Church are open weekly to sincere devotes of Lord Jesus Christ, where they can attend:

- Courses in religious and mystical Christianity

- Seven Sacraments (Holy Baptism with Water, Holy Baptism with Holy Spirit, Confesion, Holy Communion, Healing Prayer, etc.)

- Holy DivineLiturgy

- Exorcism Prayer

- Special, Common and Personal Prayers done by Priests or community

- Initiation and guidance into the Christian Mystical Practices, including mystical adoration, mystical meditations, etc.

- The study of the Holy Bible and other scriptures and manuscripts, with direct references to the old manuscripts in ancient languages: aramaic, ancient greek “koine” and latin.

- Special advanced courses and ordainments for those wishing to become priests.

- charity activities to help poor people, diseased people, old persons, orphan children, etc.

Navara Bishops and Priests:

The sacraments and teachings are performed by the ordained Bishops and Priests of the Navara Church. They are superior ordained, both as religious clergy and as mystical clergy, which is not the case of any other actual churches where only a common ordainment as religious clergy is done.


The ordainment for mystical clergy in Christianity is specific only to Navara Mystical Church, and was introduced by His Holiness Navara after the heavenly request of Lord Jesus Christ. This is not a simply ordainment, but is done only after a long mystical training in the Christian mysticism under an authorized Christian master in mysticism in the direct lineage of His Holiness Navara, which was authorized directly by the Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, during his mystical union with God, in the Uncreated Divine Light of God. Besides of these, H.H. Navara was also ordained as a Bishop and appointed Archbishop by the traditional churches, after his graduation in theology (Bachelor in Sacred Theology, Master of Sacred Theology and Doctor of Sacred Theology) and his university teaching activity as a university Professor of Theology for many years. 

At the Temple of Navara Church in Timisoara are teaching also H.H Bishop Navari and H.H. Bishop Jagardi and other priests and deacons of Navara Church, authorized to teach both the religious Christianity and the mystical one.


Navara Church is open to each sincere devotee of Lord Jesus Christ

Navara Church is open for any sincere devotee of Lord Jesus Christ who are searching for a pure and free Christianity, without rigid dogmas and rituals, a true church in which to learn indeed to become a saint, to become full of the Holy Spirit, to learn how to enter consciously in the Heavenly Kingdom of God and to see in spirit Lord Jesus Christ and God The Heavenly Father, how to unite with God in His Uncreated Light, therefore to attain the true Enlightenment and Salvation.

Any sincere devotee of Lord Jesus Christ is welcome, no matter of previously religious preparation or denomination. Navara Church is offering all the necessary guidance, initiations and tools, during its courses of preparation.

May Lord Jesus Christ open your eyes to find the true path to Him!