His Grace Master Navara



His Grace Master Navara, Founder of Navara Mystical School

His Grace Master Navara, born in 1963, is the founder of the Navara Mystical School.

Because his parents were Orthodox Christians, he was baptised in the Orthodox Christian Church.

Even from the age of 3, he experienced high spiritual trance and manifested clairvoyance naturally.


He started a systematic practice of mysticism at the tender age of 11, under the direct guidance of God, after having a mystical vision of God, The Heavenly Father, who has asked him to practice the mysticism. He also learned advanced Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga from a yogi and has studied systematically the classical yogas. From the beginning he demonstrated an exceptional level of spirituality, self-control and awareness.


At age 14 he obtained superior mental control of the heartbeat, entering a very deep mystical trance (named Savikalpa Samadhi in Yoga). His pulse rate was 28 beats per minute and his breaths were spaced at 7 minutes each clinically! Also he demonstrated extreme proficiency in Hatha Yoga asanas and pranayama, and the ability to influence through mental concentration his vital physiological functions (breathing, heartbeat, blood tension, etc.). He also studied Buddhism. During that time he became gradually an expert in the Japanese Martial Arts (Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, etc.), with great abilities in Tameshiwari (Breaking technique). Also Banat region’s winner (fist place) of professional bodybuilding championship. 

At that age he became deeply interested in the most profound aspects of philosophy, mainly in ontology and epistemology, and he studied systematically the entire classical philosophy, reading without exception all the existing books on philosophy to be found in the public libaries. A special preferance for Plato.  

At the age 15 he studied extensively the Christian Orthodox monahism, especially that of Mount Athos, with a Christian Orthodox priest. He deepened the Christian mysticism of the Romanian Prodromos Monastery of Mount Athos, of Lavra, etc. At the same age he studied also very deeply the diagnose through bioenergy field and the whole area of parapsychology, demonstrating outstanding abilities.  He deeply studied Kant (Critic of Pure Reason, etc.) Hegel (Logic, etc), Spinoza, Leibniz, and other modern and contemporary philosophers.

At age 16 he became an expert martial artist, of blackbelt level, in Karate, Jujitsu, Kenpo, etc., with great results. 

At the age of 17 during spiritual meditation he entered a self-induced clinical death (cessation of the heart), a clear proof of a very high level of meditation, named Asmita Savikalpa Samadhi in Yoga, the highest preceding state to Nirvikalpa Samadhi (Enlightenment). His powers of spiritual self control, clairvoyance and his spiritual abilities were exceptional.

Deep systematically study of philosophy, universal poetry and arts. Long time spent in writing poetry. 

At age 19 he became an expert in Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu different styles).

At age 21, in 1985, he became vegetarian.

From 1987 onward he also used long periods of complete fasting for purification (without any kind of food).

At the age of 27 he met Valeriu Popa, a famous Romanian bioenergetician and diet healer, who advised him to use a raw vegetable diet and also under his guidance he started long periods of fast, in order to improve the bioenergy field.




In 1991, at the age of 28, he attained the Enlightenment in the Uncreated Light of God the Heavenly Father. This true state of God Realization was accompanied by clinical death, the body being without heartbeat and without breathing for few hours. This physiological state was self induced, during the mystical meditation when the Enlightenment was experienced. 

The Christian mystical ancient tradition  of the orthodox church names this state the Seeing of the Uncreated Light of God and consider it the highest state of spirituality that can be attain by a human being, nameing it Theosis (becoming divine). St. Symeon the New Theologian speakes about it, after he attained this state. Also St. Gregory Palamas, the defender of the Hesychasm exposed this state as the highest state granted by God to a devotee. In Yoga this state is named Nirvikalpa Samadhi (the pulseless and breathless divine trance). In Buddhism this state is named Boddhi (Enlightenment) or Nirvana (Liberation).

Master Navara experienced this divine state, without breathing and heart beat, which lasted for many hours. He was really dead for many hours. During this Divine experience he met God The Heavenly Father in His Uncreated Clear Light and united with Him, with His Son Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit, all Three united in a single Divine Being, while in the same time distincts, experiencing the uncreated divine state of being. The beatific happyness of this divine state is beyond any human description.

He was asked by God to return on the Earth and to teach the original Divine Pure Path to the meritorious devotees who sincerely want to see God and to unite with Him, to become enlightened and liberated. Therefore he returned on the Earth, even he was dead for a while.


During the next two years and a half, he did not teach anything. Instead, he prepared himself quietly for the mission. He spent the most time in a very deep meditation trance.

In the first following 6 months, he was in an almost continuous divine trance,  with very rare moments of relative pause, and he only barely ate and spoke. During this time, his body was cycling between periods of extreme radiant heat (because of the rising of uninterrupted Kundalini) and cadaverical freezing, without breath and pulse (when Kundalini was at the crown chakra), being in a pure transcendental awareness state of consciousness.


From 1991 untill 1994 he did not teach, but remained absorbed into deep trance, and spoke with only very few about this Divine state. But in 1994 God The Heavenly Father asked him to begin to teach the Divine Teaching directly from Him. Gradually, he started (during the spring of 1994) to instruct people on how to really practice a true and pure mystical path towards God, the true and Pure Path to become sanctified, how to realize the Ascension to the Heaven, to see God and to unite with Him and therefore to become again Divine and saved. He founded The Mystical School of The Heavenly Father, named also Navara School.



He was visited by many spiritual masters, from different countries and different spiritual traditions (Christianity, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.), who recognized his high level of spirituality.

The first was Swamini Anadasugata, a nun from Advaita tradition of Ananda Marga, who, 7 days after his Enlightenment, specially came from India to visit him. She told the incredibile story about how, when she intended to take an airplane from India to Germany for a conference, his Guru, Shri Shri Anandamurti, who was already dead at that time, appeared to her in a vision and ask her to go to Timisoara, Romania, because there appeared an Enlightened Being and he  wants  her to go to this Enlightened Being to bring to Him his Pranaams and spiritual appreciation. Therefore, she change the tickets, arrived to Timisoara, and she was conducted by fate directly to the house where Master Navara was living. They spent together few hours, speaking about the Divine Realizations of Master Navara. Swamini Anandasugata recognized his divine Enlightenment, being the first one from a long serie of spiritual masters who came to recognize the Divne Realizations of Master Navara.  Later, she came back to Timisoara, accompanied by Swami Satyasubodh, spending time together with Master Navara, meditating and having discussions. Swami Subodh recognized Master Navara to have a very high level of spirituality, saying “I know you have a very high level of spirituality!”. He offered to him initiations into Ananda Marga tradition, in Advaita and Tantra systems, but also in Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga and in Raja Yoga meditation.

Also, one of the first spiritual masters who recognized the Enlightenment of Master Navara was Father Galeriu, a famous Christian orthodox Priest, who confesssed that the experience of Master Navara was a true Enlightenment and Seeing of God, according to the occult tradition on ancient orthodox Christianity. He said that Master Navara trully united with the trancendental Light of God. “Yes, he proceeded correctly!”

During the years, His Divine Grace Master Navara, was visited by many spiritual masters from all the important traditions, comming from all around the world to see him and to offer him their blessing and recognition. He was recognized as a truly enlightened Master by many known masters and gurus: Mahavatar Babaji, Swami Vishnudevananda (a main disciple of Swami Sivananda), Swami Ananda, Swami Satya, Father Galeriu (famous Christian Orthodox priest), among others. He was named and known worldwide as Paramahamsa Kaivalya Maharishi and also as Shini Babaji in the Advaita and Maha Siddha lineages.

In the Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism he officialy was recognized to be the direct incarnation of Adi Buddha Vajradhara (or Samatabhadra) and the reinarnation of Padmasambhava and Tilopa. He was initiated in different Buddhist lineages, being named Karma Sherab Senge (Prajnasimha – The Lion of Wisdom), etc. 

At this stage he was recognized that he had attained Boddhi (Enlightening) and Nirvana (Liberation) or Kaivalya which is the classical ideal of spiritual Liberation.

He received the spiritual name Kaivalya (Divine Liberation), in Yoga Vedanta lineages, being regarded by many gurus as a full incarnation of Kaivalya, The Transcendental Divine State.

Navara Babaji, as he is also known for higher initiated yogis in Himalayas, it is considered by the Himalayan masters to be the Avatara from God, Navara. He was also named “Paramahamsa” (“Divine Liberated Swan”) and “Maharishi” (“Great Sage”). 





To preserve the essence of the correct mysticism, Master Navara did not teach for the skeptics or for people coming out of simple curiosity, but instead only for a few sincere and serious disciples. Only very few were qualified to be accepted as his students and to remain further to advanced study. They were very blessed by fate! But with the growing demand from the general public, he finally accepted to teach the mysticism more largely while carefully observing the gradual preparation of his disciples.



But, according to Master Navara, there are higher states of Samadhi, superior to Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Master Navara related the following when describing classical yoga ideal and classical yoga schools: “Yogis of the common yoga tradition believe that Nirvikalpa Samadhi (or Nirbija) is the final point of the spiritual evolution and man must remain in this state to achieve Liberation (Kaivalya, Moksha, Nirvana). They believe this is the highest point of the spiritual evolution. Is this the absolute truth? No. The truth is that: God is beyond this state of Enlightenment specific to Nirvikalpa Samadhi. He is much more than that. He is living in a state of perfection that is much higher! With Nirvikalpa Samadhi (which is extremely hard to achieve), the consciousness is entering the Divine World, which is unable to be experienced before Nirvikalpa. However, Nirvikalpa is not the final point, but, instead, it is only the true gate to enter the Divine World. After Nirvikalpa, the consciousness will gradually discover further the secret levels of the inner deeper sides of the Divine Being and His Divine World. Finally, will discover the Divine Being as it is. This Divine State of Perfection of The Divine Being is Navara.”


According to Master Navara there are various superior states of enlightened consciousnes, higher than Nirvikalpa and also there is the possibility to experience them through very special mystical teachings. During these higher levels of Divine Consciousness the spiritual and physiological conditions (clinical death, etc.) which are required for Nirvikalpa Samadhi are passed over and the consciousness becomes more elevated and more enlightened. The Liberation State related to these higher states is indeed much superior to that of Nirvikalpa and the ultimate real Enlightenment and Liberation, named Navara, comes only if the spirit is passing beyond them. The states of Enlightenment higher than Nirvikalpa, dissolve the necessity (and apparent benefits) of the monastic life (like the swami order, for exemple) in order to achieve Enlightenment. By practicing the Navara path the devotee may live a normal life in society and can become enlightened, without being necesary to live a monastic life. Thus the natural life in the universe and in society is reinstated in its own rights and the true mystical path can be practiced now, not being conditioned by monastic reclusion. The spiritual experiences of Master Navara, his own experience in the next years after Nirvikalpa Samadhi, came to prove this.


By the help of God, he then entered gradually into higher states of consciousness, much superior to Kaivalya (Nirvikalpa). The Highest Divine State is Navara.

These superior states are of indescribable height and are much superior to Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

At the age of 35 he entered into Navara Divine Consciousness, the highest level of Samadhi. He received the spiritual name Navara (one of Divine nature, unlimited, eternally young, the holder and giver of eternal new and immortal Holy Spirit) or Navara Avatara or Guru Navara.

“Through Navara teachings God is revealing that, after the attainment of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, by the grace of God the enlightened devotees will gradually find that God is much more than that divine hypostasis He is appearing through in Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Even if it seems to be impossible, after the attainment of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, higher states of consciousness may occur, but only by the grace of God. At the end of the spiritual awakening they will find God in His true Perfection, which is named Navara. This perfection is completely beyond any expectation! Yes, God is indeed above any expectation! God is Absolute: Navara!” – Master Navara

“To serve God and to help His children to be saved it is the highest happiness!” – Master Navara


His Heavenly Grace Navara was asked by God to come on the Earth and to teach the original, purest and highest Mystical Path,  for the benefit of humankind. Also many enlightened saints from Heavens and from Earth have asked His Grace Navara to teach the correct path toward God, the correct Union with God. He created the Navara School to teach Navara, the original divine mystical union with God, as it is taught in Heaven. This divine teaching is available both for advanced saints as well as for beginners. His teachings include the original restored Celestial Teaching on Mystics. The actual mysticism practiced by so many is very often far from the correct and the highest form.

For example, in the actual Yoga is very difficult to find the authentic and correct teachings. What is being taught to so many in these so called “authentic” yoga schools today is an approximation and sometimes a ridiculously incorrect form of Yoga with techniques that could prove to be quite harmful for the body. The importance and need of Navara is therefore vital and absolute to those who wish to learn how to attain the highest state of spirituality through mysticism.

His Divine Grace Navara is teaching not only the purest Path and teachings to achieve  Enlightenment in the Uncreated Light of God, a state named Nirvikalpa Samadhi in Yoga and Boddhi in Buddhism, but also is teaching further the next steps, higher than Nirvikalpa and Boddhi, in order to achieve the highest spiritual consciousness, Navara. Even the yogic tradition is teaching about the levels higher than Nirvikalpa, naming them Bhava Samadhi, Sahaja Samadhi or Soruba Samadhi, but is confessing that these statetes are extremely high and there are a lack of masters able to teach about them. The Buddhism is also teaching about highesr states than Boddhi, or common Nirvana, exposing the teaching about 3 higher exiting states of enlightenment, but very hard to be attain, while very desirable for those wishing to attain the highest consciousness of Liberation. Taoism is teaching also about states of consciousness superior than Enlightenment, but they are in the most cases such difficult to be attain that they are very secret.

Therefore, Navara School is teaching the complete, integral mystical Path to attain the highest available spiritual Enlightenment and Liberation, the true mystical Union with God in His Absolute State of Perfection, Navara.



In order to offer to his disciples the best mystical teachings available on Earth, His Grace Navara not only gave them Navara, but he wanted to offer them the possibility to learn all the important traditional spiritual teachings from Earth, both for their value, and both to compare the heavenly Navara with all the other spiritual teachings found on Earth. Truly only by comparison the invaluable treasure of the Heavenly Navara may be understood. Therefore, to be able to offer to his disciples the best traditional spiritual paths, Master Navara studied the best mystical schools and traditions, becoming authorised by them to teach their teachings.

He studied Christianity at University level (Doctorate in Sacred Theology) becoming an ordained Priest, Bishop and Archbishop. 

He also studied Vedanta and Yoga in the best schools (Shankara, Swami Sivananda, Ramlal Prabhuji, Kriya Yoga of Mahavatar Babaji, Gitananda, etc.) becoming an authorized Yoga Master. He also studied Yoga at University level (Doctor of Philosophy in Yoga, Master of Yoga Education).

He studied Buddhism (Tibetan, Zen, etc.) both in monasteries and retreats and at university, receiving a Master of Theology in Buddhist Studies.

He studied Taoism, Chi Kung and Martial Arts, becoming an expert in Martial Arts (6 Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate and 6 Dan black belt in Jujitsu, also a Master in other styles).

Therefore Master Navara is transmiting not only Navara, but also the most important traditional lineages of mysticism known until today on Earth. His disciples are receiving all these teachings together, both theoretically and practically, together with all the necesary initiations and official authorizations from these lineages. This is an invaluable gift for the disciples of Navara, because they need not to go to any traditional lineage or religion to learn them separately. They have the great advantage to receive them all together during the Navara Courses, as included parts of the Preliminary Program of Navara.

Therefore, the Navara disciples will become automatically baptised as Christians (becoming official Christians), will receive Buddhist Refuge initiation (becoming official Buddhists), will receive Hindu initiation through the Yoga-Vedanta initiation (becoming also Hindu), will receive Taoist initiation, etc.

By coming to Navara they will become also initiated into all major religions and mystical schools, as a gift. They will become brothers of all devotees from all religions, receiving the most important teachings and initiations from all these paths. But more of that, they will receive the Heavenly Navara, the Divine Root and Archetype of all religions which will help them to know directly the Heaven and God. As a consequence, the Navara Teachers, apart of being ordained to teach Navara, in the same time they are also officialy ordained and authorised as Christian Priests (Deacons, Priests, Bishops), Buddhist Priests (Lama, Rinpoche), Hindu Priests (Acharyas, etc), Taoist Priests, etc. Evidently, because they are acquiring all these multiple ordinations from the best spiritual schools, they become spiritually very “rich”, very blessed, full of Divine Grace and of the Power of The Holy Spirit. They are true holy Messengers of God on Earth and in Heavens, very mature, working for the universal unity in God, having all the divine tools that were given by God on Earth untill today, and more of that, having the Navara divine gifts. Master Navara is providing The Divine Life in Navara which includes the Divine Parenthood of God and the Divine Brotherhood with all His Children (the sincere devotees), both comprized in the ultimate mystical unity with God through the Holy Spirit.


His Grace Master Navara is the Founder of the holy Navara School (or The Mystical School of The Heavenly Father), which teaches Navara. Even if the primary teaching is Navara, the secondary teachings include (also integrally) all the best mystical traditions.


His academic background include but is not limited to:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (USA)
  • Doctor of Sacred Theology (USA)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Yoga (Calcutta, India)
  • Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines (Calcutta, India)
  • Honorary Doctor of Divinity (USA, California)
  • Master of Philosophy (USA)
  • Master of Sacred Theology (USA)
  • Master of Buddhist Studies (USA)
  • Master of Metaphysics (USA, Minneapolis)
  • Master of Yoga Education (USA, Massachusets)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Sacred Theology 
  • Bachelor of Alternative Medicines (USA)
  • Bachelor of Hypnotherapy (USA)
  • Bachelor of Comparative Religion (USA)


Positions held:

  • University Professor (lecturer) in Philosophy and Religion
  • University Professor of Philosophy, Sacred Theology and Buddhist Studies
  • Chief Professor at the Department of Humanistic Sciences and Law
  • Ordained Priest in 1998 (after obtaining University Degree in Religion (USA)
  • Consecrated Bishop in 1998

International awards:

  • Gold Medal International Award for Alternative Medicines and Yoga, University of Medicine – Calcutta, India, 2003 (award presented in person by the Chancellor of the University in a ceremony broadcasted on national TV in Bucharest, Romania.)


Sport Qualifications:

  • Black Belt 10th degree (dan) in Kenpo Karate
  • Black Belt 8th degree (dan) in Shotokan Karate
  • Black Belt 8th degree (dan) in Jujitsu
  • Kung Fu (Wushu) – different styles and black belt degrees

Shri-Guru-Navara Publications:

  • “Poems”, a book of poetry, 1998.
  • “Hyperessences”, a book of poetry, 1998.
  • Dozens of articles on Alternative Medicines published in various magazines.


  Some alternative bio-medical & medical qualifications including but not limited to:

  • Extrasensory Master of International Level (1993)
  • Master in Bioenergetics (1993)
  • Reiki Master (1998)
  • Karuna Reiki Master (1998)
  • Kurama Kokyo Reiki Master
  • Tummo Reiki Master
  • Kundalini Reiki Master
  • Imara Reiki Master 
  • Seichim Master (1998)
  • Seven Facet Seichim Master
  • Radiance Technique (1996)
  • Qi Gong (Chi Kung) (1997)
  • Acupuncture (university diploma)
  • Reflexotherapy
  • Massage (1996)
  • Hypnotherapy (1993)
  • Crystal Therapy (1993)
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Herbal Therapy and Diet Therapy (1993)

Shri-Guru-Navara Shri-Guru-Navara           





   Spiritual initiations and ordainments:

  • Christian Bishop (1998), (post university ordainment), USA.
  • Christian Priest (1998) (post university ordainment), USA.
  • Christian Healing Priest, USA.
  • Yoga Master in Shankara lineage (Advaita Vedanta, Jnana Yoga), Calcutta, India.
  • Yoga Master in Classical Yoga in the lineage of Swami Sivananda Saraswati, Calcutta, India.
  • Yoga Master in the lineage of Ramlal Prabhuji Maharaj (Maha Siddha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali)
  • Yoga Master in Raja & Hatha Yoga
  • Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism (Karma Kagyu School of Milarepa)
  • Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism (Ningma School of Padmasambhava, etc)
  • Zen Buddhism
  • Himalayan Yoga (Vidya Yoga) of Swami Rama from Himalaya 
  • Ananda Marga Yoga of Shri Shri Anandamurti
  • Surat Shabd Yoga of Guru Nanak
  • Kriya Yoga of Yogananda Paramahansa, from Mahavatar Babaji
  • Hare Krishna of Shrila Prabhupada
  • Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga of Yogamaharishi Swami Gitananda Giri
  • Kundalini Yoga of Yogi Bhajan
  • etc.

Area of residence: Timisoara, Romania, Europe.

Teaching languages: English, Romanian.