Guru Navara about the 21st of Dec. 2012

Guru Navara about December 21st, 2012

Dear devotees of God,

Many things are being said about what will come to pass on December 21st, 2012. All sorts of predictions have been made, in which it is said either that the world will disappear, or that three days of darkness will begin, or that the planet Earth will be hit by an unknown planet called Nibiru, or that the Sun will manifest energy anomalies that will destroy life on Earth, and many other versions of destruction of Earth or of mankind have been made known.

You have asked me as well, about what will come to pass. You thought that if Guru Navara is an Avatara from God, as he himself is saying, this means he must know what will happen. We can ask many so-called clairvoyants about what will come to pass, but we cannot fully trust them. Everyone can make mistakes, but a Divine Avatara must know. For he comes directly from God, and has true knowledge directly from God. Who else could we ask better, if not an Avatara? Especially if we’re so fortunate to have him among us now!

And since you’re asking me, I shall tell you.

Do not be worried in regard to December 21st, 2012.

On December 21st, 2012, the planet Earth will not be destroyed, and neither will mankind. Neither will the three days of darkness come now. It will come indeed, but another time. No so-called planet Nibiru will come now to hit the Earth. Neither will the Sun destroy the Earth now. No atomic explosion will come to actually destroy mankind either. Be at peace, no planetary cataclysm will occur in 2012.

But this doesn’t mean that no ordinary troubles will come. In various geographic areas some troubles will occur during this month, such as have been before on Earth. You may pass through earthquakes, volcanic eruption, heavy snows, avalanches, breaking of bridges, and others of this kind. You can expect such sufferings (for they are decided for this month). But not a planetary cataclysm.

This is what I transmit to you directly from God the Father. His Message is this:

I do not wish to destroy planet Earth, or mankind, in December 2012.

These words have come from God the Father and they should bring you peace.

But I am telling you something else, much more important, something that the Heavenly Father wants to tell you.

Even if God will not destroy mankind physically, He will pass it through a spiritual sieve. People will be chosen, being divided in groups with different destinations. Some for Paradise, some for Inferno. This great selection is being made now. Those who belong to God, from now on, in the following years, will chose more and more clearly the good, the forgiveness and love, self-sacrifice for others and complete devotion to God. They will strive more, spiritually, they will cleanse their souls and will become more holy. Many will be martyrs in the years to come later. But in the end they will be saved by God and will be received in Paradise, together with the angels.

Those who are not on God’s side, from now on will choose more and more clearly the evil, the lack of forgiveness and the hatred, the lack of faith, lack of obedience and denial of God. They will choose to be on the demons’ side, they will rejoice fully in the social worldly advantages that come from the lack of obedience towards God, they will despise and even persecute the ones who have chosen God. But in the end they will be judged by God and will be tormented in the Inferno, together with the demons.

Therefore, do not fear physical planetary cataclysms in December 2012. But beware of spiritual cataclysms. Beware of not falling into sins. And most of all, beware of denying God and His Divine Nature. This is the most terrible cataclysm that you should truly be aware of, for otherwise you will undoubtedly die spiritually. And those who are dead spiritually will know the second death – the Inferno. It is in vain that you are alive physically, but dead within. For you are still called “dead”. Moreover, you are dead for eternity. And after you will die physically, you will receive horrible non-physical bodies made for those dead-in-spirit, in order to be tormented in them in the Inferno. For if you have died in regard to God, your place is in Hell. Being no longer useful, you will be thrown like weed into the fire. But if, though you die physically, you are still alive within, you will remain alive. Moreover, you will be alive for eternity. And you will receive immortal bodies full of splendor, in order to live through them in the heavenly happiness in Paradise.

Now your selection is being made, for the inner life or death. Now you are being “set aside”.

What means to be alive or dead within? It doesn’t mean to believe yourself to be dead or alive, according to the common human’s thinking and nature. For the worldly human, though he believes himself to be alive, is nonetheless mortal, for he thinks and lives according to the mortal thinking and nature. To be truly alive within means to live in the Holy Spirit, who is the giver of eternal life. And to be dead within, and thus dead for eternity, means not to live in the Holy Spirit, but in the worldly spirit which is full of the deception of death from the devil, who, because you’ve listened to him once, has made you to become mortals.

If you are alive within, namely, if you live in the eternity of the Holy Spirit, you need no longer be afraid of any physical death. Physical death has no power over you anymore. It is but a passing from this world into the Divine World. Fear nothing in this world that may cause you physical death, but fear only The One who can not only destroy your physical body, but moreover He can throw your soul in the fire of Hell. This is the Great Judge, the Son of God. In front of Him all who have ever lived on Earth will come for Judgment – all those who, until the hour of their death, have not yet become saved through faith and devotion. Do not forget that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, can forgive your sins if you honestly believe in Him, if you love Him and obey Him, if you follow Him. And if you do not believe in Him, then you will go to be judged in front of Him anyway. But then you will no longer be forgiven, but judged. You can receive forgiveness before Judgment, by giving yourselves to Him before your physical death and by asking for forgiveness. If however you haven’t done this before your death, then you will go to Judgment, and if you will be found with sins and debts you will have to pay for them. And the payment is being done in the Inferno. It doesn’t matter in what religion you are or not. After your death you will all be brought to Judgment in front of the Great Judge. And you will discover that This is The One who was incarnated on Earth and named Jesus Christ. If He forgives you, then you are truly forgiven. If He condemns you, then you are truly condemned. Therefore ask in due time His mercy and forgiveness, even you are of a different religion than Christianity. He will show you mercy.

If someone dies devoted to God, in the moment of death they will come in contact with the Eternal Happiness, with the Love and Light of God. Angels of light will come to take him and the Lord Himself will receive them into His arms and will invite them into His Kingdom. But if someone dies separated from the Lord, then horrible monsters will come to take them into Hell.

In order to reach Paradise, in the moment of death your soul must be as pure as the Paradise. Therefore strive to become pure and holy. Live in love, forgiveness and kindness. You must forgive, sincerely and from all your heart, all those who have wronged you and you must ask for forgiveness from all those whom you’ve wronged. You must live in complete, true, sincere love. Help your neighbor as much as you can, up to self-sacrifice if needed, and be as gentle and kind as you can. And moreover, love, honor and obey God, for He can give you everything or can take everything from you.

If you wish to be selected for Paradise, you must prove now, while you are still on Earth, that you truly live according to the Divine Nature from Paradise. Divine Nature means holiness, love and light. If however you live here on Earth according to the worldly or demonic nature, you cannot be accepted for Paradise, but you have to be sent into the world that your soul resembles. That is why, my dears, strive to purify and sanctify yourselves, show endless love towards everyone, ask for forgiveness from God, and turn honestly towards His feet, so you can be chosen together with those who will become saved.

Do not be afraid, no planetary physical cataclysm will occur now. But beware of the cataclysm of spiritual falling. For now, on Earth, some will soar towards Paradise with great power, and others will fall rapidly towards Hell. Choose God if you do not wish to suffer. If your true nature is love and light.

This is my message for mankind, about December 2012. May God forgive you and protect you!

Guru Navara