I Found Something Deeper

It is difficult for me to remember myself before coming to the Navara School. My mind was full of confusion and misunderstanding, even though I did not feel as though I had a troubled mind at all.

I have always been a scholarly person and a skeptic, valuing academic-type knowledge and intellectual discourse, and I could not fit my worldview into any particular religion, sometimes denying religion all-together. My mind was all over the place, and I came to Navara looking for someone to give me answers.

However, at the Navara School I found something much deeper than the convoluted ideas and explanations that my mind was accustomed to. Instead, I found spiritual practices to help me clean myself up, to break the blockages that I did not even know I had, and to find Love that I almost forgot how to feel.

So what can I say about Guru Navara? I can say that with every tiny step that I took towards Him through devotion and spiritual practice, He has given me glimpses of Truth that is beyond the mind and can never be understood through mundane “intelligence”. But most importantly, He has shown me the true meaning infinite compassion, kindness, and Love that can never be extinguished.

When I listened to Guru Navara’s lessons, He always heard and answered all my questions without exception, even though I never said or asked anything out-loud. He helped me every time I asked Him for help in my heart, and even when I did not know I needed help, and every day He continues to guide me towards Light and save me from the darkness that is all around.

To me, there is no greater miracle than for a confused and faithless person to find Faith, and a path to become worthy of something better, and eventually even to become so pure that God may show Himself to him/her through His Grace and Blessing.

If you are reading this testimonial, and you are not sure about coming to the Navara School, or maybe you are skeptical, or worried that you may not be ready for Navara practices, do not worry about all of those things. Navara is a chance to become a more loving and compassionate person, and to make your life mean something for yourself and for others around you. All the other things will come to you as you progress in your spiritual practice and continue to purify yourself from all of the “dirt” that has accumulated inside you over the years and lifetimes, and when comes time, you will find more than you ever imagined.

Anastasia from Toronto