For years I was searching

For years I was searching for some meaning in life. There had to be more to life than working, relationships and this consumer culture that we’ve created.

I grew up with a protestant Christian background which I enjoyed but after awhile I felt something was missing so for several years I studied Buddhism at a temple in Toronto. My teacher was wise, compassionate yet strict. I took pleasure in the long discourses and was helped to kick many bad habits. But still something was missing.

I love His Holiness the Dalai Lama! At one point I was able to spend 11 days with His Holiness, listening to teachings and participating in the Kalachakra. During that time I had secretly hoped to get confirmation, some feeling, that He was in fact my Guru! But after the 11 days I left with a longing sensation. I couldn’t explain it! His teachings were wonderful but again… something was missing for me. What was my problem? He’s the Dalai Lama!

A few years after that experience, I left the Buddhist temple continuing on my spiritual quest. My girlfriend at the time invited me to attend a Mystical School called Navara. There, I was taught Hatha Yoga, breathing techniques, relaxation and fundamental meditation practices. During my first class I quickly observed that I had very little balance and that although I had made many positive changes over the years my progress with quieting my mind was seriously lacking.

But the one thing that struck me – something that was very different from the churches I’ve been to and the Buddhist temple… All the practitioners in Navara were extremely kind, humble, and genuinely nice! Not to say there wasn’t kind people in the churches or the temple; on the contrary but at the Navara School I perceived something different… humility. It was at that moment I knew I was in a special place. I learnt that they had a deep respect for all of the major religions and primarily focused on Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism.

I also discovered that the head of the Navara School was an enlightened guru, named Guru Navara!
Shortly after my first class I took a leap of faith and attended the Navara Spiritual Retreat. (It would be ten days of listening to teachings from Guru Navara as well as doing our spiritual practices that I mentioned above.)

When I heard Guru Navara speak something inside of me changed. My heart was filled with tremendous love! At no time in my life had I experienced this much love – not with my mom, dad, family members or even a girlfriend! It was… heavenly. I had found my Guruji at last!

Throughout the retreat I felt many incredible and beautiful sensations and vibrations pulsating through my being. Feelings that I never thought existed! I had amazing visions during the meditations – which has never happened before! I discovered that Guruji is MOST generous and compassionate! The teachings He presents are advanced and unlike any I’ve ever heard in this life time. Guruji stresses loving kindness for ALL beings! Tolerance, generosity, helping others, perseverance in one’s own practice; patience, devotion, peace of mind, self work on diminishing one’s own ego, studying of all the world’s major religions and above everything love for God! – This is what you can expect if you attend the Navara School.

It’s important to have a guru on the spiritual path for it is very easy to get lost or go down a road of misinformation and experimentation. A seeker of the truth could lose many, many years in “experimenting” with things they don’t truly know about, perhaps things that could ultimately harm them in the end. A guru, especially an enlightened guru is able to guide their pupil through the many road blocks of life to reach their true goal, LIBERATION!
I want to mention also that the connections I made with the students who attended the retreat from all over the world were effortless as if we had been close friends for many years. It was astonishing! They were the kindest, most beautiful souls I’ve ever met!

As I’m writing this I’ve been a disciple of Guruji’s for two and a half years. Within those two and a half years I’ve advanced considerably faster than on the “usual” spiritual path at the temple or in going to church once or twice a week. What I’ve learned among many other important teachings is this: Navara is love. Navara is about helping others. We are about devoting our lives to God! We are about being natural and not fanatical. In this world there are many negativities trying to draw us away from the light of love, Guru Navara is our guide back to Love… back to God!

I feel extremely blessed and honored to be a disciple of Guru Navara. This privilege I do not take lightly.
Make no mistake… to advance on this unique spiritual path is to advance towards The Lord… What else worth doing more than this?

May God bless you on your spiritual journey.


Bill from Toronto