A Pivotal Moment in my Life

What to write…? what to write…? what can one write about, when experiencing something that can’t be written about but only experienced, is probably the best thing I could say to a friend…

Like some of my friends who have asked me, “so is life easier now? Have all your problems been solved?” … to answer that, let me tell you about a dream I had when I was 27, just a few months before I started attending class at the Navara School.

I had reached a pivotal moment in my life where obstacles where just obstacles. I felt like they had no other purpose in life other than to make things difficult for me and the meaning of life was not clear at all anymore.

So here I am in my dream, 110 meters away from what seemed like finish line. Some people in the crowd cheering, others jeering and as all this is happening, that 110 meters just kept getting longer and longer. I say to myself, “well, here we go again”, as if having done this before, but ironically and consciously knowing that I have never ran this 110 meter hurdle. So with a big sigh, I start the race. No one else is on the track; it’s just me, the hurdles and that finish line (which is obscure and constantly moving further away). At some point I realize the futility of jumping over the hurdles and the rush that I’m in to get to this seemingly never-attainable end. So I stop, my mouth is dry, I’m thirsty, everything is silent, the bleachers were empty and all I hear is a ringing in my ear. So I ask myself, “What am I doing? Where am I going? Why am I even running? I keep on coming back here and nothing!”.

All of a sudden the track starts turning upward and my surroundings become brighter. The track has become fully vertical ahead of me and begins to appear more like a long ladder, but still resembles a race track somehow. The finish line has disappeared and at the top of the ladder it is extremely bright and I can’t see the end at all. So I start climbing this ladder and although it seems like a long way up, I feel happier. Even though “the finish line” is nowhere in sight and I’m tired, I feel an indescribable sense of purpose driving me. As I continue climbing, my thirst is quenched and I feel lighter the higher I get. With no goal or top in sight, I wake up.

Although I wanted to feel frustrated about not seeing the end of that flick, I couldn’t. I felt good but with a curiosity in my mind. “What was that all about?”, I must have said. It’s odd, but I remember the dream more than anything else happening in my life at the time.

During my first Navara retreat in Romania, this image started becoming clear to me. This track-turned- to-ladder, was my life. In parallel with time passing, along with my spiritual and meditation practices, the things I perceived in life as obstacles became steps I push off-of and points of leverage instead of hurdles I would try to avoid by jumping over. Now, almost 5 years later, instead of rushing through life, I find myself embracing it with all that it brings. So what do I tell my friends? Life is easier to understand and better now! Life is perfect by design and beautiful! And the problems, well… they are inextricable parts of the solutions!

Guru Navara is the living force to the changes in my life, continuously improving the way I perceive life and The One who has made my faith in God stronger than ever. He has taught me about God in a comprehensive and holistic way and most importantly how to experience God from within and understand Him experientially. From the most basic elements like nutrition all the way to powerful meditation practices, Navara is not just a way of life but life itself for my family and I.

I thank God for having shown me how I was living my life, for giving me a glimpse of the changes that would come, for letting me share this message with you and most of all, for bringing Guru Navara and the Navara school into my life.

Mauricio from Toronto