A Few Words About My Guru

Bhavanti Mahasaya – Kenava Acharya

(Exerpt from a letter to a disciple)….

“…I am glad that you have decided to practice meditation! I had a recent discussion with my Guru (Navara) in Mallorca (Spain), and he mentioned to me that the most important moments in your life are the ones when you meditate… Everything else is just a “filler”…

Probably you don’t realize at this point in time the huge importance of your meeting with Guru Navara. This is a life altering experience (in a good way) if you decide to take advantage of it. It is very difficult in our days to find a true enlightened Master, that can lead you on the spiritual path. There are many claiming they have reached self-realization, but only few are that far… If you will practice Yoga (meditation), you will see the difference… I consider myself very fortunate that I’ve met (again, during this lifetime) my Guru, and I thank God as often as I can for this true gift…”

“Regarding Guru Navara, for me, he is the most special person that I ever met in this life… What makes me even happier is the fact that he is my Guru and my best friend as well!! What else can I ask from life? 

And one more thing: Since I have known him (more than 20 years), he never let me down… I have been through many life altering experiences and maybe one day we will have the chance to talk about it, but the most important thing was the fact that he was by my side, day and night, no matter what happened to me! Maybe it will sound “strange” to you, but I can tell you that I have never felt “separated” from him since I decided to move to Canada, 7 years ago… I feel his “presence” as a conscience all the time…”

A few words about my guru