The Path of Spiritual Perfection

Navara is the most natural Path to achieve the Spiritual Perfection.
This is the universal path, without any rigid dogma,
impartial to any religion, belonging completely only to God,   
where anyone can find all what is necessary to achieve the Godhood.
It is the long awaited spiritual science, the practical path guiding you
to have direct spiritual experience, to see the heavens, the angels,
the spirits and even God and to unite with Him in His Light.
It is completely natural, accepting the human being as it is.
In the same time it is completely spiritual, the highest spirituality.

This path is offered to the practitioners of all the spiritual levels,
who are sincerely searching for God, Enlightenment and Liberation. 
Navara path is offered to humankind directly by God Himself and is
revealed through the Spirit descended directly from Him on the Earth.
God sent the heavenly Master Navara, on the Earth
to open here the Gate of Path to the Heavens, towards God Himself. 
He brought here from Heaven the Navara Divine School
where God is revealing Himself as He is to the meritorious devotees
and where He is teaching you the Divine Life. 
This is the direct hand of God, open towards you, to save you. 



Master Navara

The Founder of the Navara Mystical School

Divine Blessings!

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